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Who is Team MediaPortal?

See The Team: Get to Know Us for a list of current members of the Team. There are often links for more detailed background information on each Team member.

How can I learn more about what the Team is doing?

For information about Team activities, see Official MP News and Team Blogs. Or check for announcements, highlights of recent news and events on Facebook or Twitter.

Where can I find out the current status of development?

Consult the RoadMap - note that development is divided into several 'projects' for Installer, MediaPortal, TV-Server, MediaPortal 2 and MP Tag That.

How can I contact the Team or a Team Member?

Use our website contact form for general inquires.  However, for support you must post in the forums.

You may also send a Private Message to any Team Member via our forums.  Team members are clearly indicated by the 'group' or activity which is their priimary focus or interest, such as Documentation Group!

You can also often catch Team members in the #mediaportal IRC channel on freenode network.



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