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Please note, these are the default keyboard shortcuts provided with MediaPortal and do not reflect any changes you may have made in Configuration > Keys and Sounds


Switch To/From Video Playlist

Add selected item to Video Playlist

Delete selected Movie

Movie covers and Information (IMDB)

Fullscreen Video

Zoom / Aspect Ratio

Show/Hide OSD (On Screen Display)


Fast Forward

Jump to the end of the previous commercial segment (when using Comskip)

Jump to the end of the next commercial segment (when using Comskip)

Step backward

Step forward

Big step forward

Big step backward



Toggle MSN chat window

Jump to  time (HHMM eg to jump to 37 minutes, key in 0037)

Toggle Subtitles

Cycle Audio Tracks

Video Stream Change

Edition Stream Change

Movie Calibration

Swap arrows

Reset Calibration

Blu-ray and DVD

Previous Chapter

Next Chapter

Show Root Menu




Value plus (+)

Value min (-)



1 Comment

  1. Graphics for "Video Streem Change" and "Edition Stream Change" are unreachable.  Furthermore, it is unclear wht these mean.

    A simple table would be more useful than all of the pretty graphics, as it would allow download, reformatting and printing of the information, for those who can't remember all of the assignments and need a "cheat sheet" (wink)