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Choose your favorite skin, theme, interface language and other skin options. In short, choose how MediaPortal will look!

Skin Settings

You may also use the Configuration tool > GUI to select or change these settings.



  • Skin - select/change skin - displays a list of the skins installed. The 'preview' changes to the currently selected skin.
  • Theme - Skins may provide multiple themes, for example, color or seasonal variations of a skin (e.g., a Christmas theme).
  • Language - select the language you wish to use for MediaPortal GUI from the list
  • Use Prefix My - add or remove "My" prefix for internal plugins Videos, Pictures and Music on MediaPortal start screen

The following settings may vary depending on the skin you use. These are the unique settings for the DefaultWideHD skin:

  • TV OSD stream info always visible - always shows the TV stream info (like signal quality, signal strength, FTA etc. on TV OSD
  • Activate WorldNews Ticker - Activated the WorldNews ticker on BasicHome instead the InfoService ticker
  • TV Guide Rows - Lets you specify the rows in the TV Guide
  • Random Video Fanart on BasicHome - Shows random fanart from MyVideos, MyFilms, TV Series etc. on BasicHome when hovering over the respective menu items
  • Random Music Fanart on BasicHome - Shows randam music fanart on BasicHome when hovering over music items
  • Music NowPlaying fanart on BasicHome - Shows the fanart for the actual played artist (and the respective ClearArt) on BasicHome





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