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MyLyrics displays the lyric of the currently played song in MediaPortal.
The plugin can show LRC's and plain lyrics. It uses music tags and online access in its search. You can even create your very own LRC file from a plain lyric with the built-in LRC editor and share it with the community.
LRC is a computer file format that synchronizes song lyrics with an audio file, such asMP3Vorbis or MIDI.  The lyrics file generally has the same name as the audio file, with a different filename extension. For example, song.mp3 and song.lrc.


Basic features

  • Dynamic search for the lyric (both LRC's and plain lyrics) to the currently played music file.
  • Browse your music database and select the songs to which you want to find lyrics.
  • Batch search for lyrics matching songs in music database.
  • Search single title and select amoung lyrics from various lyrics sites.
  • Add/delete/edit lyrics and save changes in lyrics databases.
  • Import/export lyrics to/from music tags.
  • Include lyrics from the Internet, musictags, text- and lrc-files.
  • Create a LRC from a basic lyric on the fly and share it with the community.


MyLyrics contains various screens, each with an unique purpose:

  • Lyric: shows lyric with coverart on the right. (A lyric can be shown in static (default) or scroll mode)
  • LRC: shows lrc file and coverart on the right.
  • LRC pick: uses BennieBoy's LRCFinder to select among different matching LRC entries.
  • LRC editor: enables the creation of lrc lyric from a plain lyric.
  • Translation screen. See a translated version of the lyric.


When using MyLyrics within you can perform various actions just by pressing a remote or keyboard key:

  • E key (or '0' button on remote): Toggle between lyric and editor screen.
  • P key: Toggle between LRC and LRC Pick screen.
  • F key: Toggle between LRC and lyric mode. In lyric mode a new online search starts.
  • S key: Increase the vertical scroll speed in scroll mode. A total of six speed available.
  • Numeric keys (or left or right on remote) to select among various LRC's on LRC Pick screen
  • Enter key (or 'OK' or '#' on remote): Tag line in LRC editor mode.
  • Backslash key (or '*' on remote): Delete the last tagged line in LRC editor mode.
  • F9 (or info button on remote): Shows context menu where all actions is accessable.  

Development Status

The plugin is stable.


  • Requires stable version of MediaPortal or above. The plugin will work will most SVN and alpha/betas as well.


Plugin Repository


Download MPE1 file and use MediaPortal Extension Installer or Extensions to install.


(currently outdated - will be updated soon)

To enable or disable this plugin and access it's configuration menu, see MediaPortal Setup Plugins. Following is an explanation of the plugin specific configuration menu.

Change Log

  • Changes and fixes since version
    - Add: Gui property #currentmodule returns user defined plugin name
    - Fix: LRC tagging offset value wasn't saved
    - Fix: Minor fixes in configuration

Known Problems / Troubleshooting

  • Currently none.


mackey. Also a big thanks to BennieBoy for the LRC Finder feature and to SilentException for various bug fixes!!

Discussion / Support

MyLyrics Forum Section



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