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The RSS News plugin is a basic RSS reader. You can add all your RSS news feeds and display them in MediaPortal. See RSS News.

First you must configure the plugin to add your news feeds.

  • Add / Edit / Delete site - modify selected RSS feeds
  • Auto refresh - Default: off
  • Refresh interval - Default: 15 mins

Add/Edit site

  • Feed name - enter or edit the feed name you wish to display in RSS News in MediaPortal
  • Title description - the description you wish to display for the feed
  • RSS URL - enter the URL of the feedwhich you can from the feed site
  • Encoding - Default: Windows-1252 - change to the correct encoding if the feed uses foregin language characters
  • Thumbnail - if you do not wish to display the default RSS feed icon, you must save a thumbnail image for the feed then Browse your hard drive and select it here.



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