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Tagging your music unlocks the power of using MediaPortal's music database and features.  You.can tag your music easily using MediaPortal's free open source tag editor MPTagThat.

Tags or metadata can be easily scanned and stored in your MediaPortal music database.

All music files should have at least the following tags

  • Artist Name / Album Artist / Album Name / Track Title

Best Practices

  1. You should embed the album art into every music file.
  2. If you have all the tracks in an album you should have Track#s tagged.
  3. If you have an album with multiple cds, you should also have the disc# tagged, leave the album name the same for both cds.
  4. If it is a single CD album then just leave the Disc# tag blank.
  5. If the album is a compilation album with more than one artist, then you should use album artist = "various artists".
  6. If you only have a single music track (ie not from an album), then set the album title = "Singles" and the album artist name should be the same as the track artist name.

For example:

  • Artist = The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Album Artist = The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Album Name = Siamese Dream
  • Track Title = Cherub Rock
  • Track# = 01
  • Disc# = (BLANK)




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