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This section gives you the opportunity to see how well your TV-Server setup is working and put your setup through a stress test.

Test Channels

Select 'Test Channels' from the TV-Server Configuration Navigation panel.

When you first open Test Channels you will see a picture approximately like this:

You first have to select a channel-group from which channels are selected for concurring tune-attempts.

Before clicking the Start test button you can still change the stress-test and tuning parameters:


Number of concurrent virtual users (tunes) Defines the number of virtual test users tuning channels. Set this option to "1" if you test a single tv card. Tune delay (mSec) This is a small delay that is enforced before tuning the next channel. Each tune will last between (mSec) Here you can define the amount of time that any given tune is granted before either tuning to next channel or stop.
The actual value is randomized for each card tune in the test. Users share channels Text Repeat until stop Should the entire test repeat itself after the last auto generated virtual user. Repeating a test will generate new randomized virtual users.
Therefore no test-run is the same. Group Text Sync The Sync option should always be enabled. Unchecking it merely reveals a lot of exceptions as tv engine in its current form is not thread safe.


Before testing make sure, that your tuner-card are not busy recording or time-shifting.

Start the test by clicking the Start test button.

You can abort the test anytime by hitting the Stop test button

During the test the status-display is continually updated.

When finished you can copy the whole content of the status-display to the clipboard with the Clipboard button and then insert it with CTRL + V into

any text editor for further evaluation .


List of channel attempts

  1. sequential number of tune attempts Time time of individual tune attempt. Useful when consulting the logs to find any problems.
  • OK
  • INF   mSec Duration for tuning the channel Name Channel name Card Unique ID-number that MP has assigned to each tuner-card Disc. discarded tune attempts. Messages could ne "0" for not discarded or "N/A" for not available tuner-card
      Details Messages could be e.g. "All cards are busy"


Succeeded Numbers of successful channel tunes Failed Numbers of failed channel tunes Ignored Number of ignored channel tunes e.g. if card is busyor locked with recording or timeshifting Time State Avg mSec Average duration for each channel tuning 1st fail First # where a channel tune failed. You can scroll to this number to see the problematic channel that couldn't be tuned to. Disc. Discrarded tune attempts Total Total number of scan attempts (sum of succeeded, failed, ignored and discarded)



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