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Select or change the most common settings for Videos within MediaPortal using your remote.


You may also configure many of these settings, as well as more advanced customization, using the MediaPortal Configuration Tool, see Configuration > Videos.

Go to Settings > Videos to display the menu:


 Select your playlist folder and repeat or loop options.

Enable subtitles

Turn on or off subtitles handling for your videos (select default subtitle language under Video Settings).

Play all behavior

In Videos Shares view, you can play all videos inside a selected folder and its sub-folders via the context menu ( or the Info/More remote button) without needing to create a Playlist. If you select Always ask, you will be prompted before playback to sort files By Name, Date or Random (shuffle). Or, you can choose one of the three sort options as your default setting which will sort files from the selected folder and its sub-folders and start to play them immediately.

Note: If the selected folder is PIN protected, MediaPortal will ask for your secret PIN before performing any action.


Select folders that contain the video files you wish to add to your video database, display in Videos Shares view and play in MediaPortal.


Select the folders, settings and options to scan your video files and create a video database.

File Extensions

Select, by file extension, which media files to display in the Videos folders.


Select or change your video codecs, renderer and default subtitle language.

MPEG-2 Video All formats like MPEG1/MOV etc. (except H264 format) H.264 Video

MPEG-4 Part 10 or AVC. Often related to HD video MKV files. VC-1 Video A Microsoft SMPTE 421M video codec. VC-1i Video Interlaced VC-1 video. DivX / Xvid Video MPEG-4 Part 2 Advanced Simple Profile (ASP). Splitter Source The source filter is responsible of loading the media by opening and reading the file or internet stream. Splitter Filesync The splitter filter demultiplexes individual streams of a media file, e.g. audio, video or subtitles and sends them to their respective decoders for decoding. This option is only used when Splitter Source is set to File Source (Async). Otherwise this setting will be ignored.

Aspect Ratio (see: Video Zoom modes)

Select the default aspect ratio for Video playback from the list of supported aspect ratios or zoom modes you have selected in Configuration > Videos > Zoom Modes

Subtitle Language Select the subtitles language that will be automatically chosen when multiple languages are available (same as Configuration > Videos subtitles language setting).


Select or change your audio codecs, renderer and default audio language (if your video supports multiple audio tracks in different languages, you can select the language you wish to use.)

  Audio Codec

Select your preferred audio codec from a list of all the audio codecs you have installed on your system .

AAC Audio Codec

Select your preferred audio codec for AAC audio from a list of all the AAC audio codecs you have installed on your system.

Audio Renderer

  Tip Select MediaPortal Audio Renderer for a smooth video playback.

Select the default renderer you wish to use for Audio.

Audio Language

Select the audio language that will be automatically chosen when multiple languages are available (same as audio language setting).

Codecs: MediaPortal supports Configuration > VideosLAV Filters for 'out of the box' playback of most media files. It is the default settings for most codecs.

Auto Decoder Settings

  Tip You can use a tool such as GraphStudioNext to change filter's merits.

When this options is selected, MediaPortal will query Windows Directshow to construct the whole filter codec chain with the highest merit (except audio and video renderers). The decoders selected in the drop down lists above will be ignored.

Force Source Splitter

When this option is deselected, MediaPortal will query Windows Directshow to construct the source (Splitter Source) and splitter (Splitter Filesync) part of the filter codec chain by loading the highest merit filters. The source and splitter selected in the drop down lists above will be ignored.

Video Codecs for .TS files

  Tip Enable this option to load external subtitle files when playing

files. If this option is unchecked,


files will be opened by MediaPortal's TsReader filter which isn't designed to be aware of external subtitle files.

This option is deselected by default. When this option is enabled, the chosen video decoder and splitter will be used to play


video files.

Videos - Other

Mark every already watched file

Default: on (deactivate for performance with many files). If you have watched a video, a watched flag is set in the database so that you can filter videos which are watched and unwatched

Keep DVD and BluRay folders together

In Videos Shares view, folders which contain DVD or Blu-ray ripped discs will be grouped and sorted separately after normal folders.

Use comskip data to skip commercials

Default: Unchecked. ComSkip data can be generated by the ComSkip Launcher TV-Server plugin. By default you need to use the next chapter remote button to skip commercials and jump to the next movie or TV show segment. When enabling this option, MediaPortal will automatically skip the commercial segment. Caution: You might miss parts of the movie or TV show if ComSkip's parameters isn't configured correctly.

Played time percentage

Default 95%. MediaPortal will mark a video file as watched when it has been played this many percent.

Video/Audio Delay

Set delay interval to adjust lip sync. Note: This is only supported when ffdshow (non-DXVA version) is in use as the decoder or post process filter. Then you can also select the delay during video playback by using the On Screen Display (OSD) menu depending on the skin you use.



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