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The latest version of Emulators includes support for running libretro 'cores' in MediaPortal 2.

Libretro is a project that aims to create a unified API for running emulators, each core implements the actual emulation whilst allowing libretro compatible frontends to implement audio and video output and user input. More information can be found on the libretro project's homepage here

By implementing the libretro API, Emulators is able to load cores and run emulated games 'natively' in MediaPortal 2 without the need to start external applications. 


  • Play emulated games just like playing a video
  • Support for many popular consoles
  • Support for HID and XInput game pads


Some cores make use of fibers which are not compatible with .net/CLR and cause crashes and unexpected behaviour in MediaPortal because it is built on the .net framework. Notable cores that use fibers are Mame and bnes/bsnes, check Core Compatibility for more information and alternative cores.

Getting Started

  1. Add some cores
  2. Map your controllers
  3. Add some games



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