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Although there were almost uncountable svn changes here is a list which should sum most things up. You might guess that many things noted in one line may have been work of serveral weeks and a dozen fixes.


- New game: My Numberplace - a Sudoku clone
- New plugin: MusicShareWatcher to monitor changes and update the DB accordingly.
- New plugin: Wikipedia - read up articles (in 7 languages) and show pictures
- New plugin: My Music Videos - play internet music clips
- New plugin: WegEPG grabber - let MP schedule the start of WebEPG grabs
- New skin: Blue Two wide - an optimized 1:1 clone of Blue Two in 1366x768
- Per tv card based settings to crop noise lines from TV
- Config Service Provider: specify different pathes for MP's directories/files
- cdxareader for native (S)VCD support
- Different log levels to control the amount of information.
- Playing Now screen with lots of dynamic data and Cover-/Artist art download
- Allow to add every installed directshow filter to the graph and configure it
- "Group" operator for Music Views (e.g. group artists like A,B,C, etc)
- Popup on starting Configuration.exe when MediaPortal is still running.
- BASS audio engine with crossfading supporting many audio file types
- Get picture rotation from Google's Picasa (on database import)
- Clicking the current show in EPG opens a dialog with upcoming episodes
- Scroll offset for listviews greatly improves navigation in large filelists
- Wrap lock blocking accidental back-to-top behaviour in listviews
- New general option: "autosize window mode to skin"
- Globally respond to multimedia keys of HID devices
- Allow external tuner plugins to use multiple capture cards
- Looooots of new TV cards

- Multiple user accounts
- Neighbour mode accuracy
- Submit tracks from audio cds if automatic internet lookup was successful
- New mode "friends" - useful if your friend's taste is different to yours
- New mode "offline" to replace the party mode if no connection is available
- Settings for offline mode: random songs/play unheard songs/play favorites
- Settings for similar mode: Slider for desired popularity of songs
- Use asynchronous requests for lookup thread now
- Option to avoid style drifting
- Option to limit the maximum playlist items
- Re-styled config to use sorted listviews

External Display:
- Added text mode progress bar
- Added support for custom defined characters
- Added support for graphic overlays for displays supporting graphic mode

Video Editor:
- Allows cutting, joining and converting to mpeg2 now
- Added progressbar
- Updates the movie database

- Extended descriptions for TV movie plugin
- Quarter-second-steps (use forward/rewind while paused) to Video, DVD and TV
- Video playback even if a required decoder is missing
- Added indices for music and video database to speed up very large collections
- Deleting EPG info triggers re-import of tvmovie-db now
- Playlist player: skip non available songs
- Cosmetic changes to the mini-epg
- Ability to set a timeout for skipsteps
- Updated SQLite Database Browser to version 1.3
- Prepared integrated MCE remote support for Vista
- Default Encoding for MyRSS links (fixing display corruption)
- Updated frequencies, transponders and EPG grabbers
- Improved subtitle behaviour
- Improved Localisations
- Lots of improvements to the skin engine & Blue Two skin

- MCE remote not working after standby on some systems
- crash with Hauppauge remotes on danish/swedish XPs
- Powerscheduler waits until EPG data update is finished
- Mantis 787: language selection for MyDVD
- Cast-lookup(imdb) was broken
- TvMovie config crash when channel-mapping out-of-date
- Radio resumed after playing a video-stream
- Audio renderer now defaults to "Default DirectSound device"
- Using the "official" S3 standby trick now
- Mantis 785: issues in single channel EPG view
- Recording by reference (use timeshift buffer when EPG info is available)
- Recs other than "Record Once" starting/ending before around 00:00 didn't start.
- Remote FTP shares could not be accessed on some servers
- GDI+ crash: Dingbats font (not part of XP) crashes MP if installed
- powerscheduler now defaults to not suspend the PC after 3 minutes
- Mantis 798: MP resumes with regular home screen instead of basic home screen
- "Select channel by index" did not work in TVGuide and for External channels
- False conflicts reported for overlapping programs on multiple TV cards
- Blue Two skin issues like differenct hover sizes and positions
- Resuming movies could offer a wrong time
- Monitor wakeup didn't work & not all remote commands woke up the monitor
- Mantis 804: standby or hibernating MP produced a Direct3D error
- Some possible memory leaks
- Mantis 801: impossible to edit properties of 2nd TV Card with SS2 or TTPremium

- Razor skin
- WMP from Audio players

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