While You Were Sleeping: Plugins #1

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We are proud to announce a new line of blogs from MediaPortal. I know, I know… you have been itching to hear us ramble on, and we are now delivering 4 monthly and 1 weekly blogs to help slake your thirst for not so random or useless information about MediaPortal. The 4 monthly blogs are:

  • Team Update
  • While You Were Sleeping: Skins
  • What Sayeth You?
  • While You Were Sleeping: Plugins

The blogs for “While You Were Sleeping” will cover updates and births/deaths of various plugins or skins, each one being covered every other week. The “Team Update” blog is just to keep everyone current with our visions and progress (as well as the occasional failure). “What Sayeth You” will cover a feature, plugin or skin and offer users a chance to speak out on the good, the bad and the ugly.

A weekly blog will also be released this Monday called “On the Couch” where we feature a developer or skinner and get the skinny on their likes, dislikes and history. This week Dadeo will be on the couch, so be looking for that this Monday.

And now… Onto the blog



While You Were Sleeping: Plugins

#1 (10/11)

Hello, fellow MePo’rs! Lyfesaver here, and I just wanted to fill you in on some things that you may (or may not) have missed. What could you have possibly have missed? Oh, I don’t know. Did you know that you don’t have to leave MediaPortal to get new plugins and skins, or update your current ones? Did you know that due to Darwin’s “Natural Selection” MyMusicVideos and mVids are now extinct? Perhaps you have not heard about the new plugin that will fire lasers at any right handed polar bears that invade your home? Okay that last one is not real, but how cool would that be? Okay, okay let’s take a look at them before I let my imagination run away! (Too late)


Recently Updated:

Youtube.fm – With skin changes galore this plugin now offers a façade view, changed some default images and allowing for image cache remaking, all allowing for a more beautiful plugin. Functionality has also been bolstered with the addition of info from Billboard, updating the YouTube API and many new menu items.
youtube.fm Rev (10-28-2011)

OnlineVideos & SubCentral – These two wonderful plugins have had their integration with other skins and plugins drastically increased offering subs, trailers and even full movies just one or two clicks away.
SubCentral Rev (10-26-2011)
OnlineVideos Rev (9-19-2011)

Trakt  - With many bugs fixes, improved functionality and added support for the German language, this plugin should be more popular than ever.
Trakt Rev 1.2.1 (10-24-2011)


New Plugins:

Extensions – Now you can browse for new plugins as well as update current ones all from within MediaPortal. The MePo GUI has just got kicked into overdrive with this plugin, giving more control of your choice of plugins and keeping everyone up to date. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!
Extensions – Rev (10-13-2011)

IMDb+ (Plugin and scraper) – Are you a MovingPictures user? Then you will definitely want to give a gander to this little jewel. This will give many new options to movie lovers like true native language support for many popular languages, grouping and naming of trilogies and other “box-set” releases, true naming rules and many others. While the scraper does the bulk of the work, the paired plugin allows for adjusting of options in the GUI as well as tools like refreshing current movies to the IMDb+ scraper.
IMDb+ Rev (10-24-2011)

mvCentral – OH NO, not another music video plugin? Yes that is exactly what mvCentral will offer you, but with much more functionality and flare than any previous plugin. Using other popular plugins as a base for mvCentral, the developer has taken great strides. Already more functional than any previous music video plugin mvCentral raises the bar. And let’s face it, why look at visualizations when jamming out, when you can watch the video!
mvCentral Rev (10-23-2011)


Around the corner:

Wi-Fi Manager – Now you can connect, reconnect or switch wireless networks all from inside MediaPortal. This handy little plugin will help offer a more “all-in-one” type experience for all users.
Wi-Fi Manager Rev (10-2-2011)

Keep an eye out for changes to the plugins, specially IMDb+, Trakt and mvCentral as they are updated multiple times each week. Also with the release of Follw.It’s API yesterday, a future plugin and increased integration is well….. right around the corner.


I hope you have found this information useful, and I would like to let all our developers/skinners know to PM me so your updates or new plugins won’t be missed in future blogs.


FACT: Did you know that if you rearrange MediaPortal you get “Idea Ram Plot”?

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