While You Were Sleeping: Plugins #2

While You Were Sleeping: Plugins

#2 (11/26/11)

Okay, Okay... Settle down. It is time for you learn a few things about MediaPortal, Plugins, and The Meaning of Life. The holiday season was officially kicked off this past week for us in the USA. And after spending the week being busy entertaining my extended family, I am definatelly questioning the meaning of life! So we will be once again going over the plugins that have been created or updated since last month’s blog. I need everyone to pay close attention as there will be a pop quiz later this week.



New Plugins

World Weather 0.2.5  -  Web  -  Forum


World Weather is a plugin which can be used to display weather data, satellite images and geo-clock information for up to 5 self-defined locations. With the sudden departure of the Weather Channel’s API, keep an eye on this one!


Hebrew Subtitle Downloader  -  Web  -  Forum  -  Wiki  -  GoogleCode


This plugin is an implementation of the SubtitleDownloader API for Hebrew subtitle sites. it adds Hebrew sites to the MediaPortal SubCentral plugin and updates separately.


Updated Plugins

BBC Weather  -  Web  -  Forum  -  Wiki


Info: This plugin presents BBC Weather forecast data in a format similar to the BBC Weather website. There are currently four forecast views available, the 5 day forecast (default), the 24 hour forecast, monthly outlook and the forecast maps. Current observations are shown on all 4 screens.

mvCentral  -  Web  -  Forum  -  Wiki  -  GoogleCode


Info: mvCentral is a plugin for managing your Music Video collection and is a progression for the older mVids and MP Music Videos plugins on which this was originally based. It will scan your video collection and create a database; metadata is currently sourced from Last.FM and Discogs and provides a rich GUI interface displaying details, images and fanart. Videos can be displayed by Artist, Album, Track and if configured Genre. The plugin can also link back to Last.FM to scrobble playing and update your library.

What’s New:

  • Last.Fm scobble feature
  • Added Chinese translation and Last.FM support (Help needed with more language translations)
  • Added hyperlink parameter support, Currently only 1 - ARTISTVIDEOS - this will take an artist name and display all videos for the artist if found.
  • Menu options and code changes to allow intergration with Youtube.FM (Add the Youtube.FM download folders as a source folder)
  • If you tick disable Album support in the Importer Settings this will also disable in the GUI
  • Pressing Play now works as it should - will queue the whole facade or in on artist/genre all videos within.
  • Added search for Artists
  • … and many other bug fixes

LAV Filters  -  Web

Info: The extension installs the LAV Filter package, which contains a splitter, audio and video decoder for the most common formats that are used around the web.


MPTagThat 3.0.4  -  Web  -  Forum  -  Wiki


Info: MPTagThat not only gives you the option of fixing missing Tag entries in your music files. It also allows you retrieving Covers and Lyrics, identifying unknown songs, automatic tagging from the internet and many other functions.
After MPTagThat has done its job, you are able to run e.g. a database scan from within MediaPortal and your songs will appear correctly in the various Database Views.

What’s New: Some bug fixes and added Vertical Scrollbar capabilities to TagEdit control.

Fanart Handler  -  Web  -  Forum  -  Wiki

Info: Fanart Handler is a plugin for MediaPortal (MP). The plugin will search and download music artist fanart or artist thumbnails for all artists stored in your MP music database, or for any artist currently being played (on the fly). It will also push fanart that you have stored on your local hard drive to the current used MP skin.

What’s New: Removed all handeling of latest media (music, tv, movies, pictures...). This is all handled of the new LatestMediaHandler plugin. Several bug fixes were also made.

YouTube.fm  -  Web -  Forum


Info: Do you love music videos? The YouTube.fm plugin let's you browse, search, play, and download Music videos from YouTube, right in MediaPortal!

Browse by YouTube charts (like Most..., Top..., Recent.., Trending, etc,) or by Artist, Country, BillBoard Charts, Vevo, Eurovision and top Last.fm music videos too! Display images and artist info from Last.fm or scrobble similar music from either Last.fm or YouTube to auto create playlists. View related videos or artists, your user videos/favorites and play statistics. Don't forget to use the new Disco (autoplay) feature at all your parties!

What’s New: Changes for this version are:

  • Browse in startup option
  • Layout change with dialog
  • Playlist selected item skin properties
  • Similar artist context menu
  • Italian translation
  • Startup parameter for search and all videos from a artist
  • Default layout option
  • Rework of VEVO videos
  • Paging for videos
  • Recently viewed artist in artist menu
  • Some minor improvement in skin files


Trakt  -  Web  -  Forum  -  Wiki  -  GitHub


Info: "trakt.tv" actively keeps a record of what TV shows and movies you are watching. Based on your favorites, your friends, and the community, trakt recommends other TV shows and movies.

What’s New: Changes for 1.3.0 are:

  • Added ability to view Related Movies/Shows on any selected item. You can view the top 10 related items and even filter out ones you have watched.
  • Added ability to Search for NZBs via the mpNZB plugin, you can access this feature from the context menu on any selected movie or episode in any trakt window. Thanks goes to Shukuyen for providing patch.
  • Added Helpers for Shouts API, makes it a little easier for external plugins to view shouts.
  • Improved API and External Access to prompt warning if user is not Logged In when accessing area which requires authentication.
  • Fixed a bug where properties were not being cleared in Shouts window if user was not Logged In.
  • Fixed Scrobble/Watching errors when playing an episode from My Anime that is not yet available in the AnimeDB.

For a full list of changes including skin/translation updates please click here.

IMDb+  -  Web  -  Forum  -  Wiki


Info: The IMDb+ plugin and scraper for MovingPictures will make your movie collection easier to use. The plugin will keep the scraper script up-to-date, and add powerful features such as rename and grouping of movie series. It also corrects English titles, allows RottenTomatoes ratings, and many other features.
The IMDb+ plugin allows an easy way to adjust all the IMDb+ scraper script options from within MediaPortal GUI. The rename of movie titles to allow grouping of series is best shown visually, so examine the second and third attached images for the difference between MovingPictures default IMDb scraper and the IMDb+ scraper with rename option enabled.

What’s New:
Plugin update:

  • The current (at the time) IMDb+ scraper-script is installed. This will make it easier for first-time setups.
  • Cover priority is also fixed correctly, but will only correctly work for first-time installations.
  • Three new scraper options added to be used by v4.0.x of the IMDb+ scraper-script.

Scraper-Script updates:

  • Added full foreign title support.
  • Foreign details can still use an English title if desired via seperate option.
  • The Roman numerals for the first movie in a series can now be removed.
  • When there is no summary availabe you can force a user-review to be used instead.



Okay folks, that's it for today. I want 900 word essays on each plugin or you will not be going on the field trip to the zoo!!!


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