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Because Last.FM changed their API, the Last.FM Radio and scrobbling functions (Last.FM account needed for both!) are rewritten. As a bonus an awesome new AutoDJ function is added, which will attempt to play music forever. And you don't even need a Last.FM account for it!

Description of Change

Scrobbling (Last.FM account needed but no subscription)

The scrobbling side has been rewritten from scratch:

  • Announce now playing track on Last.FM website
  • Scrobbling tracks when played
  • Love and Ban functionality

Last.FM Radio (Last.FM account and subscription needed)

Basic radio functionality has been added based on the new API but this does require a subscription:

  • Standard Last.FM radio stations
  • Better integration to the rest of MediaPortal
  • Downloading (and deleting) of temporary thumbs for tracks being played if no local thumb exists

Note: Last.FM Radio isn't available in all countries.

Auto DJ (no Last.FM account needed)

While this does not require a Last.FM account scrobbling tracks will feed back and end up in better matches for everyone. This will simply look for similar tracks in your music database (won't work unless you have scanned tracks into the database):

  • Will attempt to keep playing music forever 
  • Tracks must be scanned into the music database for this to work

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Date added:

Thu, 02 Jan 2014




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