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On Sat, 19 Jul 2014, Dadeo deprecated this page or content because it is no longer relevant, but has been retained for historical reference. As of v 1.6.0 the AudioScrobbler plugin has been replaced by the Scrobbler plugin

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The Audioscrobbler plugin 'scrobbles' tracks from to auto create playlists, display top and similar tracks in the Now Playing screen and even download artist images and album covers


The Audioscrobbler plugin is based on the social music network

The main goal of this plugin is to get multiple possibilities within Music. You can use it to create a playlist automatically, based on your or a's musical taste. Or you can watch suggestions for other, similar tracks (Other tracks tagged with(smile) while hearing a song or playlist in the Now Playing screen.

Audioscrobbler is a process plugin. That means it does not have any user interface within MediaPortal, it works behind the scenes. It also means you must first enable and configure it in Configuration > Plugins >[ Audioscrobbler|Audioscrobbler]

Image Resolution

Before you download artist and album cover images, if you wish higher quality thumbnails, make sure you set your thumbnail resolution o the desired quality:

Auto Create Playlists

The LastFMScrobbler plugin (v 1.6.0 or later) has an AutoDJ option to automatically add tracks to your playlist 

Download Artist images and Album Covers

You may also use the Audioscrobbler plugin to download Artist Images and Album covers from  See: Configuration > Plugins > Audioscrobbler

These are the same images that display when you listen to a track in the[ Now Playing|Now Playing] screen. However, you can use the plugin to download them for all your artists and albums, once you have added them to your database (see Configuration > Music > Database). Or you can browse through your artists and albums and lookup a single artist or album.



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