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On Sat, 19 Jul 2014, Dadeo deprecated this page or content because it is no longer relevant, but has been retained for historical reference. Audioscrobbler is no longer supported and replaced by LastFMScrobbler plugin.


Audioscrobbler is a process plugin. That means it does not have any user interface within MediaPortal, it works behind the scenes.

It interfaces with the the social music network to:

  • auto create playlists based on your or a friend's musical taste
  • download artist images and album covers from and store them in .jpg format in  ...\Program Data\Thumbs\Music folder whenever you play music in the Now Playing screen
    • Or you can download these images for all your music using these configuration settings (see below)
  • update your profile with songs you listen to using the Radio plugin


First, select Plugins in the Configuration tool, then select AudioScrobbler plugin.

  • Use the Enable/Disable toggle button to enable or disable the plugin (or double click the icon)

Once you select the plugin, the main Audioscrobbler configuration screen will display:

First, you must register at  You do not need a paid subscription to use the Audioscrobbler plugin although you do need one fo play music in Radio.

  • Account - Press the Add button and enter your username and password from
  • Press OK to save your account settings
  • Sign up a new user on - use this link to register a new account
  • Please join the MediaPortal group! - use this link to list other MediaPortal users as your neighbours

Now click the Audioscrobbler plugin icon again to display the full configuration options.

MyMusic settings

These are the main settings which will be used when you enable Scrobble in MediaPortal.

Global Settings

  • Scrobble Mode enabled per default - Default: off
    When checking this Audioscrobbler is automatically adding songs to your playlist. You can start with one song and the plugin is continuously filling your playlist.
  • Try to add this many songs - Default: 2
    Here you can use the slider bar to choose the number of tracks to be added to a playlist.
  • Overall random percentage - Default: 25
    With the slider bar you can choose how similar the added songs should be.
    Note: Lower value means more similar tracks. 100% is completely random.
  • Playcount for tracks to add - use the slider to select:
    • add only unheard tracks for artist (Default)
    • add only rarely heard tracks for artist
    • add totally random tracks for artist
    • add only popular tracks for artist

Scrobbler Options

  • Improve my profile - check to submit tracks to your account
  • Announce current track on - displays what track you are currently listening to to other users

Offline Mode - this is the operating mode when you are not connected to the internet.

  • Full random (Default)
  • Never played before
  • Only favorite songs

Similar Mode - determines which songs or tracks are scrobbled as 'similar'

  • Remember start track - avoid style drifting - Default: off
    Note: This is an important setting. If you enable the Similar mode, Audioscrobbler remembers the start track to avoid a style drifting. Only the start track is used to select similar tracks in the same style.  If this setting is not enabled, Audioscrobbler will 'scrobble' similar tracks to any of the tracks similar to the first track. So it determines how general or specific the scrobbling of similar tracks will be.

Neighbours/Friends mode

  • Overall top artists - will get you many long-term preferred artists.
  • Weekly top artists - will get you also new artists your neighbours/friends are trying out.
  • Recent artists (Default) - increases this behaviour but might result in not enough alternatives.

After having configured everything you can always cross-check your data.

Warning: Sometimes is a bit slow and it takes a while before music is been added to your account. Usually the recent tracks are taken into account quickly. But it takes a few songs to find neighbours with a similar taste.

Cover art

You can use Audioscrobber to download artist images and album covers for all your music files and store them in you Program Data\Thumbs\Music folder

  • Refresh - select this button to display all the artist images and album covers already stored
  • Lookup - downloads artist images or album covers for all your music files
  • Only missing - do not check and download  new images or covers for existing artists or albums, only check and download for missing images or covers

Audiosrobbler downloads both a Low Res and a High Res version of the artist or album cover. The images are saved by artist/album name, i.e. Common.jpg. The High res version is saved with a 'L' (for Larger) at the end of the artist or album name, i.e. CommonL.jpg

Note:  Depending on the size of your music collection and your internet bandwidth, the download can take some time.

You can determine the quality of the images saved in Configuration > General > Thumbnails

Live data

On each of the tabs under the Live data tab you can view the live data from for your profile and settings. These are the same options as when playing Radio in MediaPortal

Press the Refresh button to view the data, then select additional options on each tab:

  • Recent - displays your recently played tracks
    • Loved - select a track press the Loved button to mark it as a loved track
    • Banned - select a track and press the Banned button to ban the track
  • Neighbours - see what your 'neighbours' are listening to
    • Select Top, Weekly or Recent
    • Press either Their Artists or Suggestions
  • Suggestions  - find similar track suggestions
    • use the slider bar to determine how exact you wish the match to be
  • Recommended - find recommend tracks
  • Top artists - view your top artist by number of times played
  • Top tracks - view your top tracks by number of times played
  • Weekly artists - view your top artists by number of times played for the most recent week
  • Weekly tracks - view your top artists by number of times played for the most recent week
  • Tags - enter a tag in the Search Tag box, then select either Random (to view random selections from or My FIles to view only music you have stored locally
    • Get Artists
    • Get Albums
    • Get Tracks





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