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Here you can select the codecs you wish to use for Blu-ray playback, for example in MediaPortal's Videos section or Moving Pictures plugin.

Codecs and Renderer Settings

For general information about the codecs you may require to play all your files, see Preparing Your System > Codecs.

How it works

Select your preferred codec from the drop down list. MediaPortal will automatically detect the codecs you have installed (like MPEG2/DTS/AC3 etc.) and add them to the drop down list. You may use the screwdriver button to access the filter's configuration page of the selected decoder, splitter or renderer.
  Tip Ensure that the format you select is enabled in the codec's configuration application. Sometimes a multi decoder codec like ffdshow Audio can handle AC3, but you must enable it in ffdshow Audio decoder configuration. If a selected decoder can't handle the format, MediaPortal will query Windows Directshow to find a replacement decoder. The codec with the highest merit will be used.

Settings Decoder

MPEG-2 Video All formats like MPEG1/MOV etc. (except H264 format) H.264 Video

MPEG-4 Part 10 or AVC. Often related to HD video MKV files. VC-1 Video A Microsoft SMPTE 421M video codec.

LPCM/AC3/DTS All formats like LPCM, AC3 and DTS audio.

LAV Codecs are recommended, especially if you experience any playback problems. The Blu-ray feature has been developed based on the LAV filters.
Audio renderer How audio is sent to the receiver or TV.
  Tip Select MediaPortal Audio Renderer for a smooth video playback.

To get the most power out of your video card, use the Hardware Acceleration option (see below) in LAV Video.

Note: This option is required to playback VC-1 interlaced video with LAV!

If you run into other issues while trying to playback a Blu-ray disc, please make sure you've read the Limitations on the Native Blu-ray Support Wiki page.



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