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MediaPortal is able to display the logo for TV and radio channels in TV and Radio.

Getting the Logos

Recommended approach is to use LogoManager plugin. It has simple user interface, configurable from MediaPortal itself, has logo autoupdate function, and allows to select different logo templates (called "desings" there).


If LogoManager does not support logo pack for your country, then you have the possibility to get all logos manually:

First you need to download the required images. Good sources are:

Image format and size

  • The logo images can be PNG, JPEG and GIF. PNG is preferred, since it features alpha-transparency and optimal compression for logo-type images. Animation in GIF images is also supported.
  • TV logos are mainly used in the program guide, where the logos are displayed quite small and are resized to square dimensions. Therefore:
    • Use the simplest variation of the logo, small text will not be readable.
    • Add extra space to your picture files if they are not square.
  • Radio logos are displayed much larger, and their aspect ratio is not adjusted.

Adding logos to MediaPortal

After you have downloaded or created the required logos, you need to put them in the correct folder for MediaPortal to find them.

First find the Team MediaPortal application data folder.

 Tip: Start Menu; Programs; Team MediaPortal; MediaPortal; User Files

Inside this folder, there is a folder


where you put your TV logos, and


for radio logos.

Matching filename

To make MediaPortal show the correct logos, you have to match the image filename to the corresponding channel name.

  1. Open MediaPortal Setup.
  2. Go to Television > TV Channels or Radio > Stations.
  3. Note the channel names that you have downloaded the logos for.
  4. Open the folder where you have stored the downloaded channel images.
  5. Rename the image file so that the name matches that of the TV or radio channel.
  6. Repeat that for all channels you want to be shown with appropriate logo
  7. If the channel name contains characters which cannot be part of file names (/ : etc.), replace those characters with a underscore (_).

Clearing the cache

If you performed all previous steps, and MediaPortal still displays your old logos, then this is because of the cache. MP uses a cache to quicker load graphics and other resources, but a side-effect of this is that changes to the graphics files will not be immediately visible in MediaPortal. Clear the cache by closing down MP, and deleting the MediaPortal\Cache folder. After you restart MP, you will now be able to view the updated logos.



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