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How to distribute your plugin.


Congratulations! You have now created your first plugin. Now, tell the world about it and make it available for everybody to use.

Create a MediaPortal Extensions Installer (MPEI)

Test Versions

When ready for testing, announce your new plugin in the MediaPortal Plugins Forum.

  1. Create a new thread for your plugin.
  2. Keep the topic name short.
  3. Add a download link to your MPEI installer in your FIRST post
  4. If you update your test release replace the download link in the first post of the thread!

Note: Do not add update links to posts within the thread or users will miss them!


Write documentation for your plugin to help users setup, test and use it:

  1. Go to Extensions > Plugins in our wiki, 
  2. Select New Page on the Wiki menu 
  3. Select the the style of Template you wish to use.
  4. Page Title = the name of your plugin
  5. See Wiki Help  > Contribute to Wiki for guidelines and assistance in writing your page(s).

You may contact any Docs Group member for assistance in adding documentation to our wiki.

Stable Versions

Make sure your documentation is complete and up to date, and keep it updated as you make changes or issue new releases.

  • Add your plugin to the Plugins Repository, see Downloads Repository for details
    • select the right category for your plugi
    • Click the Add your extension here button. 
  • Publish Your Extension so users will see it when they browse extensions via MPEI
  • Announce your plugin on the Plugins Development forum section if you have not already
  • When your plugin has more than 5,000 downloads per release, you may send a message to the MP Project Manager and request your plugin be listed in the Popular Plugins forum, which allows you to have your own sub forum

Promote Your Plugin

  • Write a Blog on the MediaPortal website to promote your new plugin or release
  • Request a Team member to announce your plugin/release on the MediaPortal social networking sites (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)



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