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The Startup/Resume Settings page contains the settings related to MediaPortal startup or resume previously available on the General page.

Startup/Resume Settings page

These options can also be set from within the MediaPortal interface, see Startup Settings and Resume Settings.

  • Start MediaPortal in fullscreen mode (Default: on)
    With this option you can configure MediaPortal to start in full-screen mode. If unselected MediaPortal will start in a window.
  • Use alternate fullscreen Splashscreen (Default: on)
    With this option set, when in fullscreen mode, the splash screen on startup of MediaPortal will also cover the full screen instead of a small box in the middle of the desktop. NOTE:- This setting only takes effect when MediaPortal starts in fullscreen mode.
  • Keep MediaPortal always on top (Default: off)
    Note that not only does this keep MediaPortal on top of other windows, it also prevents other windows from getting (keyboard) focus. With this setting on, you cannot control any other application until you've closed MediaPortal.
  • Hide taskbar in fullscreen mode (Default: off)
    This will make sure you will not see the Windows taskbar when using MediaPortal in fullscreen mode.
  • Autostart MediaPortal on Windows startup (Default: off)
    Automatically start MediaPortal when Windows starts.
  • Minimize to tray on start up (Default: off)
    When starting MediaPortal, instead of showing the application, this hides it in the system tray. Useful if you have scheduled recordings with the classic inbuilt TV-Engine that requires MediaPortal to be running, or when you want to be able to quickly start MediaPortal.
  • Minimize to tray on GUI exit (Default: off)
    When clicking the 'X' icon, MediaPortal will not close but will be minimized to the system tray. MediaPortal can be closed by choosing Exit from the File menu or Exit from the tray icon context menu. Enable this if you use the classic inbuilt TV-Engine
  • Minimize to tray on focus loss (Disabled by default. ) Allows MediaPortal to minimize to the Notification Area when focus is lost (for example when pressing Alt + Tab). Right click on the icon and select Restore to return to MediaPortal.
  • Show last active module when starting/resuming from standby (Default: off)
    MediaPortal will automatically show the last module, or screen, that was in use prior to the computer going into standby mode or exited.
  • Stop playback on removal of an audio renderer (Default: on)
    ?Users may experience playback issues if a TV or receiver is connected by HDMI. The audio renderer is lost if the receiver is turned off, or the computer is put to sleep while playing music. You should enable this option if you want MediaPortal to stop playback when the audio renderer is disconnected.



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