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My Films, along with MediaPortal, supports many different media formats or types, with different handling and features.

Supported Media Types

The following media types are supported:

  • File based media, like .avi, .mpg, .mkv movie files
    • Special case of above: multi-part files
  • DVD folders
  • DVD images (iso/img)
  • Blu-ray folders
  • Blu-ray images (Iso/img)
  • Offline media (DVD, Blu-ray and other physical disks) - see Import DVD or Blu-ray disc
  • TV recordings (.ts)
 Tip: When importing films using AMC Updater, you may automatically add DVD Blu-ray labels to the media label field. See Media Label Handling on the Database Fields tab in AMCU. As of v 6.0.0, you can also read, and auto add, volume labels or UNC server names to keep track of where your movie file is stored.

Special requirements and tips

See also: Organizing your files

File based media files (avi/mkv)

Make sure, the required Codecs are installed and properly configured - see Codec Guide

For multi-part files, make sure, your naming convention meets the already pre-configured regex expression in AMC Updater to recognize multi-part files - or adapt that expression to match your file naming. See AMC Updater > Scan Paths and Filters Tab > Multi Part Files Detection.

Example:  <moviename> -CD1.<ext>; <moviename> -CD2.<ext> - the convention used in MediaPortal to auto play multi part files.

Offline Media

As of v 6.0.0:

  • Aspect Ratio - AMC Updater will calculate aspect ratio when importing or updating 'offline' media - such as DVDs or Blu-rays.
  • Length - grabber scripts have been updated to grab length (duration/runtime of film) from the selected website if media info is unable to obtain the data from your DVD or Blu-ray files.
  • File sizes - when importing films from Blu-ray or DVD folders, the complete content of the folders is used to calculate file sizes
  • Languages - new option on Database Fields tab in AMCU to select Internet Data (if disabled AMCU uses media info) for Languages
  • Blu-ray disc (BD) folders support
  • DVD/BD label can be automatically added to Media Label field

DVD folders and discs

MediaPortal fully supports the playback of DVD content, if you have proper codecs installed.

The only additional requirement for playing images is installation and configuration of a drive emulator like Virtual CloneDrive (VCD).

Blu-ray folders and discs

Fully integrated internal Blu-ray support (for copyright free discs) is supported in MediaPortal as of version 1.3.0.

For MediaPortal 1.2.x, there are two possibilities to play Blu-ray (BluRay) content within MediaPortal:

  1. External Player
    • e.g. Arcsoft Totalmedia, PowerDVD Ultra, etc. - not free, but allow you to play Blu-ray content with full menu support and all features supported by the external.  
    • To play BD-ISO files in MediaPortal
      1. Use a launcher for the external player, e.g. BluRayPlayerLauncher (BRPL for 1.2).
      2. As of v 6.0.0, you may choose to use an External Player with My Films (can be useful for playing Blu-ray discs, 3D movies, or other media types not supported by My Films or MediaPortal). See External Players for details.
  2. BD-Handler
    This is an open source solution, that allows to play Blu-ray content using the internal MediaPortal player - but it is restricted to show the content of the folder/disc as a start menu instead of a graphic full disc menu

To play Blu-ray content from folders using the internal solution, the following actions are required:

  1. Make sure you installed a drive emulator, like Virtual CloneDrive (VCD) - only required to support images
  2. In AMC Updater > Options Tab do NOT add bdmv to the movie extensions.. They need "special handling" like DVD folders - so just enable(default) Check for DVD/BR folders.
  3. Add m2ts to MediaPortal video extensions
  4. Install BDHandler to play folder and ISO content from within MediaPortal without using an external player.

TV recordings

If you can play recordings within MediaPortal, My Films can play them as well.  However, here are some tips:

  • File Names - change the naming in TV-Server setup > Recording > Custom Paths and filenames tab, to something that helps My Films grabbers to properly identify the movie title (or even year)
  • Media File Types - make sure, .ts is added to Accepted Mediainfo Files in AMC Updater >  Options tab


TopicsExternal Players
Use an External Player with My Films to playback media not supported by MediaPortal.



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