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Here you can select the codecs you wish to use when playing live and recorded TV.

Codecs and Renderer Settings

For general information about the codecs you may require to play all your files, see Preparing Your System > Codecs.

How it works

Select your preferred codec from each drop down list. MediaPortal will automatically detect the codecs you have installed and add them to the list*s.* You may use the screwdriver button to access the selected codec's configuration.
  Tip Ensure that the format you select is enabled in the codec's configuration application. Sometimes a multi decoder codec like ffdshow Audio can handle AC3, but you must enable it in ffdshow Audio decoder configuration. If a selected decoder can't handle the format, MediaPortal will query Windows Directshow to find a replacement decoder. The codec with the highest merit will be used.


MPEG-2 Video All video formats (like MPEG 1, MPEG 2) except H.264. Often used for standard definition (SD) TV channels. H.264 Video

Also known as MPEG-4 Part 10 or AVC. Often used for high definition (HD) TV channels.

MPEG/AC3 audio All audio formats (like MPEG, AC3) except AAC and Dolby Digital Plus (DD+). AC3 is also known as Dolby Digital.

LATM AAC audio Often used in combination with H.264 video.

DD+ audio Dolby Digital Plus (also known as Enhanced AC3). Sometimes used for high definition (HD) TV channels. Audio renderer How audio is sent to the receiver or TV.
  Tip MediaPortal Audio Renderer is often recommended for smooth video playback. However, it may not work with your TV provider(s). If you have TV playback problems (pauses, unsynchronised video/audio, no audio at all) when using the MediaPortal Audio Renderer, try another option (eg. DirectSound).

  Tip TV shows are recorded in .ts format. They are played using the TV Codecs settings, not Video Codecs settings.



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