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Depending on your operating system, you may be able to configure some volume control settings.

Volume Settings

You can also configure your volume settings within the MediaPortal interface using Settings > General > Volume Settings.


Known issue MediaPortal will work in Master Volume mode even if selecting Wave for Windows 8 users.

Windows provides independent volume control for several different sources (often these include Wave, MIDI, CD Audio) and a Master Volume control. When changing the volume on system level, for example through the volume control on a multi-media keyboard or though the speaker icon in the system tray, you typically change the Master Volume. When changing the volume inside an application, for example an audio player or a game, you typically change the Wave volume. MediaPortal allows you to choose which of these to control.

  • Master Volume
  • Wave (default)


  • Windows default - load from registry (default)
    Windows XP SP2 and later provide a default volume taper to allow applications to use the same volume taper as the operating system.
  • Classic - linear
    Based on MediaPortal's original method of changing volume. This volume taper consists of 10 linear steps.
  • Logarithmic
    In human perception, a certain increase in volume at a low level seems like a bigger increase than the same increase at a higher volume level. With this option chosen, MediaPortal will provide smaller changes at lower volumes and larger changes at higher levels, causing the perceived volume increase to be the same.
  • Vista/Win7 - Automatically selected when you are using Vista or Windows 7 OS. No other options are supported since you control this per application in the OS.
  • Custom
    MediaPortal allows you to specify your own volume table. This is a comma-separated list of volume level values, between 0 and 65535. Using this option you can customize the volume control to your own liking, with more or less steps than the default, and with another distribution. There is no maximum number of entries in the volume table, though Windows guidelines state that a table should consist of no more than 201 entries. The default volume table is MediaPortal's logarithmic table:
    • 0, 1039, 1234, 1467, 1744, 2072, 2463, 2927, 3479, 4135, 4914, 5841, 6942, 8250, 9806, 11654, 13851, 16462, 19565, 23253, 27636, 32845, 39037, 46395, 55141, 65535.


This section is only visible in expert mode.

  • Show default Volume OSD for fullscreen video - default:on
    This displays a volume control bar to show the volume level when you are watching a video full screen

Note:  This option does not work when using the IRSS (Infra Red Server Suite) plugin



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