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Moving Pictures

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Moving Picture - Great!
This worked so well. I am always having trouble with the IMDB grabbers, I assume because of changes at IMDB, but this worked great. Such a good interface. What was also outstanding was that with another app MovPicBFO I could export the movie info to a %filename%.nfo file and the art to a %filename%.jpg file which I can then keep in the movie folder so I don’t need to go to the web if I rebuild MP or reset the video database. Very Happy Camper!

Moving Pictures
This is an essential plugin for MePO. Point the folder to where you have your movies and the plugin matches the movie's name you file and downloads a ton of info including the summary and film poster. Beautiful!

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The perfect plugin for movies
I've using this plugin for 2 years now. I update recently and i am glad the little things that was missing are now there or fix. In other words, is really improving forward. Not like many other things that are mess up by "updates", like youtube or windows vista.

About the utility, is easy to use and do what you want, that is arrange all your movies to show you in a list with pictures and details. You can browse by category, year, etc or see all the list at ones. There is a lot of customization, but at the same time is not complicated. To me, i don't even customize much. Is great the way it is.

Something i appreciate is that show all my movies in the same place, even when i don't have all my movies in the same hard drive.

What else i can say? Do the job, and i am happy.

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Showing off is easy.
Let me just say that playing around with Moving Pictures is a whole new experience that brings a lot of fun regardless what movie you're going to watch. It's a very enjoyable plugin that stands out on its own merits.

Sometime friends come over to watch a movie, the moment I select Moving Pictures you get the wow factor, suffice to say that everyone has to browse by himself a bit and we end up browsing for titles, actors and fan art of all the old movies each of us likes to remember, and then, and only then we sit back and pick a movie to watch.

Highly recommended for you all.

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There is no better way to browse and play your movies! Just point it at the folder containing your movies, and it will do the rest. It downloads cover art, fan art, parses the movie files and gets media info details (SD/HD, Dolby Digital, CC, etc) automatically. I have been using it for weeks and have not had to touch it once installed. This plugin should be included with every MP installation. Great work!

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The reason I installed Mediaportal
I have the minimum spec PC required for Mediaportal to run (an old pentium 4 which I got second hand off ebay for almost nothing) and I wouldn't bother installing Mediaportal if it wasn't for this plugin. It works like a dream, it automatically downloads film information and posters, puts movies you haven't seen under 'unwatched' category, which is extremely helpful if you have many of them (I've got more than 600) and it won't even ask you which directory to look at for films; I've got the films stored in more than one external HDDs but it scanned them all once and it shows all 600 of them in one place! Brilliant! I was blind before I discovered this plugin but now I see!

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well done great app, not buggy as well. Scolling movies on a ATOM ION 330 is fast well done!

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One of my favroites
with TV-Series, this plugin is my favorite! It works great and creates a very nice screen for your movies. I am not using the original video screen anymore, this one is just perfect!

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