Did you know that...

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MediaPortal has many options and some are a bit unknown. So i thought i posted some of the things which are useful, but not widely known yet.

 Did you know that:

  1. MediaPortal becomes much more responsive if you increase the maximum fps to 50 or higher in settings->screen calib.->maximum fps?
  2. you can turn on/off scrollbars in configuration.exe / general?
  3. you can turn on/off animations in configuration.exe / general?
  4. you can change the keyboard shortcuts in configuration.exe / general / keys and sounds?
  5. you can disable IMDB lookups for specific languages like english/french and/ or german in configuration.exe / movies / movie database?
  6. you can add remote ftp shares for music/video/pictures? and that MP will automaticly download the selected song/video/picture when you want to view it?
  7. most screens have context menu's which can be displayed with f9 (or info button on your MCE remote)?
  8. you can define the filename/paths how mediaportal stores your tv recordings in configuration.exe / television / recording / custom paths and filenames?
  9. alt+enter switches between windowed/fullscreen mode?
  10. pressing ! gives you status information?
  11. there are 2 different layouts for the home screen, the alternative can be enabled in configuration.exe / general?
  12. you can setup the overscan area in MP under settings->screen calib->ui calibration?
  13. you can crop tv so it exactly fills your screen when watching tv? press f9 for the context menu and choose crop settings?
  14. pressing f3 on a movie or song will retrieve coverart?
  15. the home plugin has a setup where you can customize its look and feel?
  16. you can zap between current and previous channel with '0' when watching fullscreen tv?
  17. you can customize many remote controls by using the mapping button in configuration.exe / remote?
  18. you can get a handy channel & what's now list when hitting enter/ok in fullscreen tv?
  19. in music playing now screen you can easly add the current track to your favorites via the context menu? (F9)
  20. you can randomly play all your favorite songs by configuring the audioscrobbler "offline" mode?
When somebody has more tips let us know....

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