MediaPortal 1.25 Release

Written by Team-MediaPortal.

We have just released MediaPortal 1.25 Final - Summer 2020 Edition

Highlights of this release 


  • [MP1-4966] - Update Bass Nuget to 2.4.15
  • [MP1-4995] - Recorded-TV sort-by-duration not support sorting in the reverse direction
  • [MP1-5001] - YesNoDialog ignores the default control settings from the skin when the default button is not forced to Yes
  • [MP1-5005] - IRTrans - fix detection server status
  • [MP1-4781] - Adding madVR support - Bugfixes
  • [MP1-4841] - Duplicate filenames with different lettercasing
  • [MP1-5003] - Building TVPlugins - Improvement
  • [MP1-5008] - The problem with scrolling text in the "listcontrol" in 4K
  • [MP1-5010] - Add registry check for VS2008 Redistr installed or not in DeployTool
  • [MP1-5011] - No version string on FullScreen splash window (DefaultWide HD skin)
Since Pre-Release :
  • [MP1-5016] - Titan skin fixes and updates (1.25)
  • [MP1-5024] - GUIDialogExif crash if GUIImage control not defined in skin ...
  • [MP1-5027] - Fix Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException


  • [MP1-4990] - Improve horizontal scrolling in the EPG
  • [MP1-4991] - XmlTV plugin : Rename xml file from zip file to match to tvguide.xml

Improvement / Rework:

  • [MP1-4986] - MyPictures Database rework with extended EXIF info. Wiki
  • [MP1-4988] - Add Control.IsVisible to skin function
  • [MP1-4992] - Allow other plugins reading the next PS wakeup time
  • [MP1-4994] - Automatically Change Channel on Program Reminder
  • [MP1-4996] - Recorded-radio sorting should be changed to be the same as recorded-TV sorting
  • [MP1-4998] - Update MediaInfo Wrapper
  • [MP1-4987] - Fix exceptions
  • [MP1-5002] - Code cleanup
  • [MP1-5004] - EPG Genre Map - SubSection moved as main Section
  • [MP1-5009] - Built-in skin variable not initialised
  • Language : English / Deutsch / French
  • Add some Tuning Parameters
Since Pre-Release :
  • [MP1-4987] - Fix exceptions
  • [MP1-5011] - Add position, size, align, color (from skin) to Version, CVS labels and fix displaying version label in 4K. Wiki
  • [MP1-5013] - VSYASM 1.2.0 provided as nuget package
  • [MP1-5014] - Log refreshrate at Mediaportal start
  • [MP1-5015] - Improving the MP1 installer (DeployTools), providing nicer GUI :)
  • [MP1-5017] - Grabber searches for covers in the language of the system, then in English
  • [MP1-5018] - Fix configuration design.
  • [MP1-5020] - DirectX 9 SDK (June 2010) provided as nuget package
  • [MP1-5021] - Libbluray (Jar ( bdj) and binary) provided as Nuget Package
  • [MP1-5022] - Improving the MPE Installer, providing nicer GUI :)
  • [MP1-5028] - Add Exif properties to Slide window. Wiki
  • [MP1-5029] - Add the ability to choose the type of pause for designers in the slideshow. Wiki
Along with the above items we kept consolidating our software.


For use Bluray with BD-J support, please read the Wiki

Full list of changes

gear-iconYou can review the complete change log for this Release by using the link below:
Changelog: MediaPortal 1.25 Final Release
Changelog: MediaPortal 1.25 Pre Release

Documentation of new features will be added to: Wiki - What's New

Installation, Upgrade, Download and Feedback


microsoft net framework 4 e711eSince we switched to .NET4 you need to make sure you have.NET4 installed on your computer (not needed if you are on Windows 8 because it comes with .NET4, but you NEED the .NET 3.5 features enabled!). Otherwise you are not able to install MediaPortal and the installer just quits.

Download-Link: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer)

Aside from that when doing a clean installation of the this Pre Release there is nothing else to worry about.

Microsoft SQL Server

MS SQLIf you plan to use MSSQL server for TV it is necessary to install it yourself before installing Mediaportal with TV Server. Instructions for previous versions are on the wiki, note that new versions were not checked for 100% compatibility.

For Windows XP, Vista - MSSQL 2005 - SQL Server 2005

For Windows 7 or later - MSSQL 2008 - SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 R2 Express

For Windows 7 or later - MSSQL versions above 2008, there's no official documentation from Mediaportal but you can install and configure it based on the articles above, google or documentation from Microsoft. Compatibility has not been tested.


update-iconUpgrading from MP 1.2.0 Beta or later to 1.25 Final Release

All MediaPortal 1.2.0 Beta installations can be upgraded to this Pre Release without losing your settings.


If you are running MediaPortal 1.6.0 or earlier, then it is possible that some of your previously installed plugins will be shown as incompatible after the upgrade to this Pre Release! Whether or not a plugin is incompatible depends on the MediaPortal subsystems the plugin uses.
All plugins that work for the 1.7.1 HotFix release, should also work with the this Pre Release.

Upgrading Extensions:

The easiest way to upgrade your extensions is by launching the MediaPortal Extension Installer, and let it check for updated versions. However this only works for extensions that use our MPEI system. If the author of the extension releases it as a stand alone installer, you must contact them for an updated version.

General note about Upgrades

Manually stop TV-Service!

television-iconOn some systems our installer is not able to update the TV-Server installation because its files are locked or the service can not be stopped.
For upgrades to this Pre Release we recommend that you manually stop the TV-Service and make sure, via Windows Task Manager (enable the "all users" option), that the TvService.exe process is really gone before starting to upgrade.

Custom TV-Service properties

If you manually changed the properties of the TV-Service (like restart on error options), then you must redo these changes after the upgrade. The installer is not able to save and restore your custom service properties when it installs the new version of the TV-Service.



If you think you found a bug then please post a detailed report in our Bug Reports Forum.

Make sure your report includes all the required information. Incomplete reports will be removed to keep the forum clean.


Finally - the download. We hope that you took the time to read this release news entirely because it includes vital information about the major changes.

  If you would like to support MediaPortal, we would be happy to receive a donation!

The Team wishes you a lot of fun with this new release!

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