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This section will allow you to customize the way that you use radio in MediaPortal. Each client that connects to the TV-Server needs to be configured separately.


See the TV Setup guide for details how to setup TV and radio in MediaPortal. We recommend that you set up your TV-Server before you try to change any of these client settings.

General Settings

Channel Groups

Hide the "All channels group"

Default: Off

The TV-Server has a channel group that contains all radio channels. This group (known as the "All Channels" group) cannot be deleted. If you don't want to see the group in MediaPortal then you can turn this option on.

Remember last group

Default: On

The last used radio group will be opened when entering Radio in MediaPortal if this option is selected.

Group to show in root menu:

Default: (none)

If you have Radio Groups configured, you can select a specific group to see, directly after entering the Radio section.

When entering the Radio screen

Turn on Radio

Default: Off

Turn on this option to have radio automatically start when you enter the radio section in MediaPortal.



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