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Image Quality

You can select the quality, or resolution of artist and album images that are saved in your Thumbs\Music sub folders

Related Plugins

Download fanart and artist images for all your artists and display them in any skin that supports the plugin (most do):

There are several ways to download and display artist and album images in Music.

What Images Display

MediaPortal will display album and artist images:

  1. Folder.jpgs in an Artist and Album folder (you must find and store these manually)
  2. Images saved in [userdata]\Thumbs\Music sub folders

Get Artist Images and Album Cover Art


If you already have folder.jpg images in your Album folders, these will display in Shares View once you navigate to the folder which contains the image.

Or, you may scan your music into your music database using  the Folder.jpg option to view these images in Database views, see Configuration > Music > Music Database

ID3 Tags

Tag Your Music using a music tagger like MPTagThat to download and store cover art i.e.album cover images in your ID3 Tags. 

When you scan your music into your music database, use the 'cover art embedded in ID3-Tags' option', see Configuration > Music > Music Database

Lookup Albums or Artists Images

In any music window in MediaPortal, you may look up album or artist information including cover art and artist images, by using the context menu.  Just select the album or artist and press F3 on your keyboard, or Info/More key on your remote.  See MediaPortal Wiki > MediaPortal 1 > Using MediaPortal > Music > Album & Artist Info for further details.

*Images will be downloaded from the website.

The quality of the images saved can be selected in Configuration > GUI > Thumbnails.

*NOTE: The built-in album & artist information scraping is currently broken as of MediaPortal 1.5.0.  A fix has been successfully tested and is planned for release in version 1.6.0.  Those who wish to install a pre-release update will find additional information in this thread.




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