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BEST Plug-In/Skin...
I've been a long-time MP user for OTA and have really enjoyed the additional SKIN this provides while at the same time it loads TV-Series and Moving Pictures! These provide the movie pictures, descriptions and a catalog to pick them from. TV-Series grabs the images and descriptions for TV shows providing an alternate method to decide what TV show to watch... other than Recorded TV.

Streamed Mp

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Very nice skin
Really like this skin, I was perfectly happy using the default Titan skin until the recent update of MP, now there is no skin editor. I, like a lot of people, use Moving Pictures and MP-TVseries and I like to have links to them in the main menu rather than having to go through the plugin link. StreamedMP gives me this back. I also find the skin just really easy to customize and use.

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Best skin
It's best mediaportal skin ever. Most beautiful and usefull.
Good work.

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Rounded Covers
I hope rounded Covers will be back

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My favorite skin
I test other skins regularily, which are nice too, but I always come back to StreamedMP. It's the nicer one and so easily customizable with the editor.

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Best MP Skin
What makes StreamedMP such a good skin?

In no particular order:
It looks great, especially configured with fanart
Once configured to taste it is very easy to navigate
Menu configuration is extremely powerful
Upgrade notifications are automatic and it's easy to upgrade from within MP
The StreamedMP team are very very quick to release fixes and it's clear that the skin is extremely well supported

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The best skin...ever :-))
Love it..
Stéphane Lencludby

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Should this be the default skin?
It's that good!

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suitable for rookies and veterans
using it for years. offers an overwhelming set of editing possibilities but also is just beautiful with its standard setup for beginners...
works fine with my 4:3 HDready beamer

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Near perfect skin!
A little more work to configure but with the most satisfying end result: beautiful skin with tons of options

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The best skin for MePo!
This is by far the best skin for MePo. In my opinion it should be the default skin, as it looks awesome and has all the functions that most users will ever need.

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This skin is why MediaPortal was created, it gives the most customisation options of any skin I have seen. Thanks for your hard work!

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Brilliant Skin
With a little time invested you can make this skin do just about anything you want. The Menu editor is well worth the time to figure out every option. This skin looks amazing and if you use the horizontal graphical menu it leaves the majority of the screen free for fanart to be displayed.

For MovingPictures fans it works perfectly straight out of the box, if you use MyFilms it takes just a tiny bit more work to tune, but hopefully there is integration with MyFilms fanart, and latest movies added coming in a future version.

Best skin I've found to date, very happy!

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Best wide screen skin package around!
I searched for quite some time for a good 16x9 skin. I'm also an avid movie fan and needed a way to organize and present my movie collection. StreamedMP incorporates the most popular plugins and is super easy to install, configure and upgrade. When I setup my home theater pc I install MP, StreamedMP, SAF and I'm done! They even built in an updater so you can grab skin updates after installation. Well done! I forgot to mention the excellent support. Thank you!

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