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  • Weather, News, Info

    Get five day weather forecasts for cities around the world; view satellite weather images; keep track of all your RSS feeds, or check Wikipedia· - all in the comfort of your living room!

  • Weather Details

    Check the current temperature, (in °C or °F), weather condition, UV index, humidity (%), dew point, wind-speed (mph/kph)

  • Weather on Home Screen

    Display current weather, plus five day forecasts and RSS news feeds on the Home Screen by using the popular Infoservice plugin

  • News, Info, Sport Scores

    Access Wikipedia, RSS News feeds, or display world wide sports scores using the Score Center plugin. The web is in your living room

  • Play Games

    Movie is on pause, what do you do? Flip to games and play Tetris or do a Sudoku! You can even use the Emulators plugin to play your PC games within MediaPortal

  • RSS News Feeds

    With the InfoService plugin, get RSS news feeds plus recently added files from the TV Series or Moving Pictures plugins as live ticker tapes on your home screen

Check Weather, News, Info and more

Get five day weather forecasts for hundreds of cities around the world all from the Weather Channel. View satellite weather images. Keep track of all your RSS feeds, or check Wikipedia for that acronym you can't remember. It's all available in the comfort of your living room, thanks to MediaPortal. And when no one is watching, flip to the Games section and play Tetris or solve a Sudoku puzzle.

"The MP weather section really stands out in my mind. It lets you setup multiple locations and has multiple animated maps per location. It provides four day forecasts, detailed forecast, and the multiple animated dopplers to see what's really going on." - GeekTonic, Zetavu, August 2, 2009

Weather Forecasts

Check the current temperature, (in °C or °F), weather condition, UV index, humidity (%), dew point, wind-speed (mph/kph), as well as the five day forecast of maximum and minimum temperatures and weather conditions.

Weather conditions are displayed in both text and graphic images.


Add as many cities as you like and keep track of the weather where your family or friends reside. Planning a trip? Just add the city and check the weather in advance.

View live images from the Internet, like satellite, temperature, UV index, wind, humidity and precipitation.


Access the world of information, all from the comfort of your sofa. Just search Wikipedia and display results in your local language. You can even view Wikipedia images.

News Feeds

Add as many RSS News Feeds as your like and view all your feeds from within MediaPortal.


Tetris and Sudoku come with MediaPortal, but there are many more games available as additional plugins, such as Chess, Yatzee, Clickmania, Mine Sweeper, Connect4, MasterMind, Simon Says, Frustration, Hexxagon, Music Trivia to name a few.

Or you may use the Emulators plugin to play all your PC Games within MediaPortal.

System Utilities

If you choose to run MediaPortal on a separate HTPC, you may enjoy using the included Burner or Video-Editor plugins. Burner let's you burn all type of files and folders directly to CD-DVD from within the MediaPortal interface.

Additional plugins are available for you to monitor your computer hardware, such as CPU temperature, motherboard temperature, hard disk temperature, used memory, used virtual memory and more.

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About The Project

The vision of the MediaPortal project is to create a free open source media centre application, which supports all advanced media centre functions, and is accessible to all Windows users.

In reaching this goal we are working every day to make sure our software is one of the best.


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